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  Adventist Webservant–webmaster Assistance website

A resource center website with info & tools to help Adventist webmasters and Internet evangelists produce more effective websites for Christ. 


INTERNET MINISTRY  The Internet has the awesome potential to connect your church or ministry with thousands of contacts. It can communicate the Gospel and Bible truth to potentially over 3.3 billion surfers who use the global Internet!

WEBSITE BASICS  "Website 101" basic info for pastors, board members, administrators, evangelists and others who want to launch a website project.

WEB HOSTING  Hosting your website on a Content Management System (CMS) is an easy and convenient method of hosting, constructing and maintaining a professional-looking site without knowing HTML code or using design software.
WEB DESIGN  Valuable counsel for webmasters, web designers, project leaders, graphic designers and others involved in website construction & maintenance.
PHOTOS & GRAPHICS  Learn about graphics files and how to place great photos and graphics on your website. Section covers copyright & permission issues. 
STREAMING MEDIA  Understand streaming audio and video technology and learn how to place these valuable assets on your website. 
WEBSITE TECHNOLOGY  For more advanced webmasters. Covers HTML editors, Cascading Style Sheets, Scripting, RSS Feeds, I-Frames and more. 
SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO)  Effective strategies to configure your website for improved search engine optimization and increased Web traffic. 
WEBSITE SERVICES  A listing of website services provided by Adventist denomination administrations in each of the "Division" regions of the world-wide church. For North America, there is also a courtesy listing of professional website service providers who are Adventist Church members in good standing.

USEFUL LINKS  Quick links to other websites with useful information for Adventist webservants/webmasters and Internet evangelists.

ABOUT US  Information on the AWA7.org website, its history, its team, and an overview of the Global Adventist Internet Network (GAiN), plus info on the Adventist Church.

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