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Adventist Organizations


Seventh-day Adventist Church Official Website  "Adventist.org" denomination information website.

General Conference (G.C.) - World H.Q. Admin.  G.C. website, with links to Divisions, Unions and Conferences.

G.C. Departments, Associations & Services  Directory of entities based at the G.C. World H.Q.

G.C. Institutions, Organizations & Agencies Directory of entities owned or administered by the G.C. World H.Q.

Adventist Online Yearbook  Searchable directory of current Adventist organizations & institutions world-wide.

Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists Historical articles on persons of influence, organizations & institutions.

GAiN - Global Adventist Internet Network  Organizes the annual "GAiN Forum" event (formerly "GIEN").

Adventist Web Technology Projects Portal for global Adventist web technology and design framework initiatives, including the Adventist Living Pattern System (ALPS) for the official logo placement in designs.

netAdventist  Sign-up, help & support for "netAdventist" Content Management System (CMS) websites.


netAserve  Official technical support agency for the "netAdventist" Content Management System (CMS).

Center for Online Evangelism Website content creation, design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), reputation management, training and resources for WordPress websites and other popular Web hosting platforms.



North American Division - NAD  Links to Unions, Conferences and other entities in the NAD.

Society of Adventist Communicators - SAC  Communication professional development organization.

AdventSource  Ministry & leadership resource center. Manages ACC/ASC website hosting & training service.

Adventist Church Connect (ACC) Sign-up, help & support for free church websites provided by NAD.

Adventist School Connect (ASC) Sign-up, help & support for free school websites provided by NAD.

Digital Evangelism: Social Media + Big Data  NAD dept. overseeing the use of social media and Internet data for ministry & evangelism.

Faith Made Social: NAD Digital Discipleship and Social Media  NAD website for training digital disciples on how to use Social Media for ministry and evangelism.


Center for Online Evangelism  Website content creation, design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and training for NAD "Adventist Church Connect" and "Adventist School Connect" websites and other platforms.

Simple Updates  Advanced support for NAD "Adventist Church Connect" and "Adventist School Connect".



EUD & TED - GAiN Europe  Global Adventist Internet Network in Europe, holds annual media conference.

EUD - Stimme der Hoffnung  German Adventist Media & Internet Center, hosts netAdventist in EUD & TED.

IAD - Inter-American netAdventist  Sign-up, help & support for free websites provided in the IAD.

SPD - South Pacific Web Ministry  Sign-up, help & support for free "Adventist Place" websites in the SPD.

TED - United Kingdom and Ireland Web Ministry  Sign-up, help & support for free websites in UK & Ireland.


Other Organizations

Gospel.com Ministries  Evangelical Christian community of online ministries for Gospel communication.

Computer Science - Becoming a Web Developer Info on becoming a career Web developer or Web designer.

International Web Association (IWA)  Secular non-profit webmaster training & certification.

WhoIsHostingThis.com/hosting-reviews  Great website that lists ratings of website hosting providers and also shares very valuable information on comparing types of Content Management System (CMS) websites.

HostingFacts.com  Excellent website providing unbiased evaluations of website hosting service providers.

FormsPal.com  A handy website providing free & paid fillable and downloadable forms & agreements for a variety of ministry and personal uses that can sometimes avoid the need to pay high fees for professional legal services.

Who's Online  See "who's online" right now visiting the Adventist Webservant Assistance website


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