The Internet has the awesome potential to connect your church or ministry with thousands of potential contacts. It can communicate the Gospel and Bible truth to the approximately 4.5 billion Web surfers worldwide. Internet ministry and the construction & maintenance of effective websites should be a vital part of every local church and every gospel ministry.


Statements by Adventist Leaders

Jan Paulsen, former G.C. President

Jan Paulsen, Served as President of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church from 1999 to 2010.. 

Ted Wilson, Current President of the General Conference. 

Williams Costa Jr., General Conference Communication Director. 

Mark Finley, Assistant to the G.C. President on matters relating to global evangelism. 

Doug Batchelor, President of Amazing Facts media and evangelism ministry. 




Norwalk Adventist Church home pageThe Profound Importance of a Local Church Website 
A quality website for your local church is a very effective evangelism tool that will motivate seekers to come and physically visit your church. However is it important that the website is attractive and well-maintained, and is listed by search engines on the first page of results using pertinent keywords related to your location area.



Mark Finley, Assistent to the G.C. PresidentA Call To Internet Evangelism.
A message from Mark Finley, the former Speaker/Director of the "It Is Written" television ministry who now serves part-time as the Assistant to the General Conference President for matters relating to global evangelism. Prior to his retirement from full-time ministry, Pastor Finley was a general vice-president of the General Conference. In that capacity Mark chaired the Global Adventist Internet Network (GAiN) committee, which organized the first annual GAiN Forum event in 2004. At that conference Mark gave a powerful presentation heralding a profound call to Internet evangelism.


Doug Batchelor of Amazing Facts ministryAmazing Facts Network of Outreach Websites 
Led by evangelist Doug Batchelor, the Amazing Facts media & evangelism ministry operates the largest portfolio of outreach websites of any Adventist media ministry. These amazing sites are constructed/hosted on the DotNukeNet Content Management System (CMS) and receive thousands of vistors each day. In an Adventist Review interview article written some time ago, evangelist Doug Batchelor shared his belief that the Internet media has a tremendous potential for carrying out effective evangelism. The Amazing Facts portfolio of outreach websites are endeavoring to realize that huge potential.


Josue Sanchez, JustSmile MinistriesJustSmile Ministries 
Josué Sánchez
is the founder of Just Smile Ministries, a global-wide international youth ministry based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

JustSmile Ministries is Christ's ministry. Jesus is in control of it! Plus, God has gathered an excellent of team 27 passionate young people to run it along with Josue. These youth are from as far away as New Zealand, Australia, the United States, and Canada.




Melissa Ringstaff, A Virtuous Woman ministryA Virtuous Woman 
Melissa Ringstaff
began a ministry called "A Virtuous Woman" back in 2001 as a way to encourage women from all walks of life to be virtuous women by God's design. She is the mother of five children, step mother of 4 grown children, and Grandarlin' to 6 little ones. She lives in the beautiful Appalachian mountains of Kentucky with her wonderful husband who is a pastor.


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