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How to Design a Functional, Attractive, User-Friendly and Fruitful Website

Classic Hosted or CMS Site? -- The first and most important design decision is whether to construct and host your website on a classic FTP technology server, or on a Content Management System (CMS). 

Esthetics vs. Functionality -- Taking a look at the basic philosophies of design.

Simple, Clean and Fast -- A website design that aims for a simple & clean look and a fast page download, will facilitate the best user experience, even for a large and comprehensive site.

Design Fundamentals -- Taking a look at several fundamental basics of good web design.

Important Info "Above the Fold" -- Like on a newspaper, the most important info on a webpage needs to be placed "above the fold".

Pyramid Information Structure -- Unlike on magazine articles & book chapters which usually have a conclusion at the end, webpages should state the conclusion first, then the detailed information below it.

Slogan and Taglines -- Producing an appealing descriptive slogan for your website. Print media variously calls this a tagline, endline, strapline, baseline, signature, claim, or pay-off.

Selecting a Design Template -- Content Management Systems usually offer many design templates to choose from. If you are constructing a classic-hosted site, you can purchase a template or design your own.

The Navigation System -- Creating an easy-to-use navigation system is a must for any website.

Page Width -- Taking a look at page width and the issue of fixed width or fluid width (liquid width) website designs.

Page Readability -- Design considerations that will give webpages ease of readability.

Impaired Visitor Accessibility -- Consideration giving to site visitors with disabilities such as impaired vision, hearing or motion.

Page Load Time is Important -- With the click of a mouse your potential visitor is gone if your webpage has a slow download time.

Speed Up Your Website -- Strategies for speeding up page download times and avoiding visitor aborts.

Mouseovers & Rollovers -- Taking a look at both effective and ineffective mouseovers.

Spam Proofing Displayed Email Addresses -- Safely listing contact person e-mail addresses.

Clean Up Broken Links -- Avoid site visitor frustration caused by broken links.

Common Mistakes to Avoid -- A list of common mistakes to avoid if you want to have a functional and well-appreciated website.

New Year's Resolutions -- Some final "New Year's" resolutions for keeping a website well-maintained.


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