Search Engine Basics -- Describes how a search engine is made up of robots, databases and a document retrieval system. A diagram illustrates the basic composition of an online search engine.

Engine Misconceptions -- There are a lot of misconceptions in regard to search engines and website directories.

Getting Your Site Listed -- How to get your site listed by the search engines. An important step is to submit your site to the directories that list church and ministry websites. 

Dynamic Sites and Engines -- Examines search engine problems related to javascript, frames, flash and other technologies and how to make them more compatible with search engines.

Search Engine Optimization -- SEO is a highly competitive business. There are a lot of things that the do-it-yourself webmaster can do to achieve excellent results in search engine listings.

Google's PageRank Value -- Google was the name of a research project at Stanford University. PageRank™ was a central topic of the paper and such a success that it soon became a founding ingredient of a new company. The PageRank formula is no secret and should be well understood by all serious students of SEO.

Adventist Listing Directories -- These directory sites serve a valuable purpose in helping to get Adventist church and ministry websites listed and ranked with the search engines.


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