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Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words? -- In a word, YES. We love pictures. We like the color. We like the imagery. We like seeing people we know. We like seeing new things. By and large, humans are very visual and we do a great job with image recognition.

News Photo Permissions Not Usually Necessary -- Have you ever wondered if you need signed permissions to avoid getting sued. The rules are clear and based on the constitutional protection of a free and independent press and upon long-established privacy guidelines.

Color Basics -- Basic color definitions and a general introduction to the topic of color and how it might be applied to a website design.

Which Graphics File Format -- Compares the features and applications of GIF and JPEG formats as well as many of the limitations of the GIF format. PNG is the modern replacement of GIF, but is not adequately supported by Internet Explorer. BMP should never be used on web pages.

GIF Colors and Dithering -- Offers graphically illustrated comparisons of the GIF and JPEG formats including examples of GIF dithering. GIF is limited to 216 colors.

JPEG Compression -- Illustrates the various degrees of JPEG compression index and the resulting file sizes that can be achieved.

Color Wheels and Tools -- Useful tools and color wheels featured on the other pages of this site. Some of these tools are useful for selecting GIF colors.

Adventist Logo -- There are restrictions on the use of the Adventist Logo. Explains how to use it on your Adventist church or ministry website.


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