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Official Seventh-day Adventist Logo

Official Seventh-day Adventist LogoThe Seventh-day Adventist logo is a trademark of the Seventh-day Adventist Church denomination. You can download graphics files for the logo and read about its meaning via this link:
Logo and it's Meaning

The logo is for official use only, such as on Seventh-day Adventist local church websites and the websites of official administrative units and institutions, and off course on official stationary. Ministries considering using the logo should first read the Global Identity Standards Manual which can be downloaded via this webpage: Global Identity Standards Manual.  The General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist reserves the legal right to protect the integrity of the church against misuse or unauthorized use of the logo. The logo is not for personal use. 


Spelling of Denomination Name

"Seventh-day Adventist" is the correct spelling. The use of the acronym "SDA" is to be avoided, as it has been found to elicite confusion with "LDS" (Latter Day Saints, the Mornon Church) and similar acronyms used by other denominations and ministry organizations. The prefered abbreviation is "Adventist".


GIF or JPEG File Type

JPEG was designed for photographs and tends to look smudgy on flat surfaces and edges. Not a good choice for the Adventist logo as it will end up looking smudgy unless the compression is way down resulting in a file size much too big. GIF is the better graphic format. Read more about this topic on the GIF Colors page before you continue here.


Use an ALT Tag Description

Provide a ALT tag description of the logo (i.e. Seventh-day Adventist Logo). Visually impaired and blind people use website navigators that read these tags to describe what they cannot see.


Superimposing the Adventist Logo on Other Backgrounds

The logo does have a transparent background.  However, the transparency does not work for the diagonal edges unless you use a white background. The problem becomes more apparent when the logo is placed on a dark background. The diagonal row of white pixels, seen on the left, are not transparent and so they appear white on a dark background. The other dithering colors, also intended to make the edges look smooth, are based on a white background.


Solving The Diagonal Edge Transparency Problem

One solution is to use the following GIF file, prepared here for the purpose. All the edge dithering has been erased to transparent. It should be easy enough to change the colors (e.g. the open Bible may be too dark for your background). Place the logo graphic over the background of your choice, scale the graphic down to the desired size, crop and save as a GIF file. The next time you open the GIF file you will see that the edges have been dithered for a smoother effect. The dithering will have been rendered to the background you used.


Examples of Adventist Logo Usage



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