SEO and International Searches

Search Engines List Sites Differently Depending On the Country of Origin of the Search
Keep in mind that the Interent is a global communication media, and every website is capable of being accessed by the 5 billion or so people who are connected online world-wide, subject off course to some government blocking of certain websites. Website publishers and Web designers need to be aware that search engines will list a website differently for a keyword search originating in any one country, compared to the same search originating in some other country. If your website is constructed in English, or if English-language versions of webpages are published on your site, it is even more important to keep in mind that your webpages will be accessed by visitors located outside of your own country where you are testing for search engine rankings of your web pages.

Search By Location Tool
The "VPNMentor.com" website has an outstanding tool that enables you to execute keyword searches from any country in the world. The tool can be configured for either Google or Bing engines, and it can process keypwords in about a dozen languages in their native fonts. In addition, searches can also be evaluated based on selecting different devices used for the search, such as a Desktop PC (incl. Laptops), Tablet, or Smartphone.

Here is a link to the "Search by Location" tool:

SEO - International Searches - Search by Location tool

Local Church Websites
Obviously, most local church websites will primarily be interested in targeting prospective site visitors who live in your area, or who perhaps will be visiting your area. It is thus not necessary for a local church to be concerned about search engine listing for your website pertaining to searches made from outside the country where the church is located. However if your local church has a majority ethnic immigrant membership, you will want to test search results for keyword searches executed in the home country of your ethnic heritage.

Ministry and Evangelism-Outreach Websites
Ministry organization websites, and especially evangelism-outreach websites, will be very interested in connecting with prospective site visitors located anywhere on Planet Earth. Thus it is very useful for you to do some testing of popular keyword strings from countries outside of the country of location for your ministry or organization. If you are a missionary organization, it will be imperative that your website is able to have excellent search engine listings for searches executed from within the countries where you operate.

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