EASY AND SIMPLE WITH A CMS (Content Management System)

It is a relatively easy and simple task to produce a website using a web Content Management System (CMS). Depending on which CMS is utilized, it can be used to produce either a simple website, or a more advanced website. In fact some of the largest and most popular websites on the Internet are now constructed using CMS technology. This same basic CMS technology can be used to easily construct a simple website for your local church, for a ministry organization, or for outreach purposes.


What Is A Content Management System (CMS) Website?

First of all, a CMS website is a real website. The AWA7.org website you are viewing is a CMS website, and it looks and functions just like any other good website on the Web -- hopefully its even better than most sites on the Web!  In the experience of a visitor to a CMS website, a good CMS website will look, feel and function just like any other good website on the Internet. The primary difference is in the "behind the scenes" technology that is used to construct and host the site. This difference in technology mainly affects the task of the webmaster, and it enables a relatively inexperienced webmaster to construct a very good website with a minimal amount of training or experience. In fact, with the use of CMS technology, anyone who knows how to send e-mails and who can use Microsoft Word is quite capable of constructing a well-functioning and attractive website. No experience with HTML code is necessary and there is no web design or other software that needs to be purchased by the webmaster.



Basics of a Web Content Management System (CMS)

A CMS is a software product that resides on a server connected to the Internet. This software includes several integrated components that enable a website to be designed, hosted and maintained on the server where the CMS software resides. This software is remotely accessed by a webmaster using a browser and an Internet-access devise, such as a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. By means of this online access to the CMS software, a webmaster is able to easily construct and maintain the website, and also carry out administrative tasks.


Working With a CMS is Very Similar to Using Webmail

In a sense, producing a website using CMS technology is very similar to the task of producing and sending e-mail using a webmail service such as gmail or hotmail. The only difference is when you send an "e-mail", only the designated recipient is able to "view" your e-mail. When you send a "webpage" to your CMS website, anyone can view that webpage.


The web design aspect of the software gives the webmaster a design  to enable a website to be constructed and maintained, and a website hosting aspect that automatically hosts the constructed website onto the same server where the CMS software resdies.

Web "Content Management Systems" (CMS) are an easy method of constructing, maintaining and hosting a website without the need to learn HyperText Markup Language (HTML) computer coding. HTML is the coding used by the World Wide Web (www) to communicate information over the Internet, and which enables people to view and interact with websites.


An advantage of a CMS website is that the webmaster does not need to purchase any kind of website construction software, such as Adobe's Dreamweaver or Microsoft's Expression Web, in order to construct and maintain the website. With a CMS, the software to construct and maintain the site resides on the server, not on the webmaster's personal computer, tablet or smartphone. The use of this server-based software usually comes free-of-charge with most website hosting plans.

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