Free Websites For Churches and Ministries

Yes, there is FREE website hosting available if you are a church or ministry organization

Yes, free easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) websites are available to local Adventist churches and other institutions in certain territories of the world-wide Seventh-day Adventist Church denomination. Most of these free websites are hosted on the "netAdventist" Content Management System (CMS), a software product that has been adopted by the General Conference (GC) as the standard website platform for the global Adventist Church. The software is made available free of charge to denominational administrations and entities that wish to use it. However the GC provides only the software for free. The administrations that want to use the netAdventist software are responsible for providing the server service for hosting the network of netAdventist websites that are produced by the software. When the netAdventist software is installed on a server, it is typically configured to produce a simple basic website for each local church in the territory of the administration providing the service. Each local church can then develop it basic website into a more sophisticated site to better promote their church within the community. 


Free "netAdventist" Websites

Please visit the Denomination Services webpage on the WEBSITE SERVICES section to see if your Division, Union, or Local Conference is offering free netAdventist websites to churches, ministries or institutions in your area. For more info on the netAdventist website system, please visit the GC netAdventist webpage.


NAD Only:  Free "Adventist Church Connect" and "Adventist School Connect" Websites

The North American Division has established a free CMS website for each church in its territory under a website service called "Adventist Church Connect" (ACC). The NAD also provides free websites to schools in its territory under a companion program called "Adventist School Connect" (ACS). The websites that have been established are basic websites that the local church can then develop into a more sophisticated site to better promote their church within the community. The CMS used for the ACC and ASC free websites is the seasoned SimpleUpdates technology. Note that some Unions and Conferences within the NAD territory offer free CMS websites on the more sophisticated netAdventist technology system.

Please visit the NAD Adventist Church Connect webpage for more info on the ACC and ASC free website service.

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