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Joomla is a free open-source Content Management System that is the 2nd most popular CMS on the Web after WordPress. Most website hosting providers have Joomla pre-installed on their servers, so there is usually no need to install the Joomla software and the only cost of producing and operating a Joomla website is the basic cost of the website hosting.


Compared to WordPress, which was originally launched as a simple blogging application, one of the main advantages of Joomla is the fact that it gives a website designer a lot more flexibility in order to produce esthetically creative and attractive website designs. Constructing simple websites with Joomla can be a very easy task. However using the full capability of Joomla to produce top-notch website designs can involve a lot of learning and extensive experimentation. For example there are over 9,000 extensions available as plugin features that can be incorporated into a Joomla website. Finding the right extensions for your needs can be an exhaustive task. But the investment of effort can result in a beautiful and highly-functional website that will be well-appreciated by your site visitors.


Please visit the Collegedale Community Church website as an excellent example of an Adventist church website that uses Joomla:



Joomla Templates

A Joomla template is a multi-faceted Joomla extension which is responsible for the layout, design and structure of a Joomla powered website. While the CMS itself manages the content, a template manages the look and feel of the content elements and the overall design of a Joomla driven website. The content and design of a Joomla template is separate and can be edited, changed and deleted separately. The template is where the design of the main layout for a Joomla site is set. This includes where users place different elements (components, modules, and plug-ins), which are responsible for the different types of content. If the template is designed to allow user customization, the user can change the content placement on the site ie: putting the main menu on the right or left side of the screen.


Template Components:

Layout  The template is the where the design of the main layout is set for a Joomla site. This includes where users place different elements (components, modules, and plug-ins), which are responsible for different types of content.

Color Scheme  Using CSS within the template design, users can change the colors of the backgrounds, text, links or just about anything that they could using (X)HTML code.

Images and Effects  Users can also control the way images are displayed on the page and even create flash-like effects such as drop-down menus.

Fonts  The same applies to fonts. The designs for these are all set within the template's CSS file(s) to create a uniform look across the entire site, which makes it fantastically easy to change the whole look just by altering one or two files rather than every single page


For more information on Joomla, please visit the official Joomla website:


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