Website Builder Hosting - Choosing the Right Brand

It’s the coming of a new digital age where websites need to be information-rich and lucrative at the same time. But, for someone who doesn’t know even the basics of programming language, how is it possible to create a website that has the ‘awe’ factor?

We’ve got two words for you - website builders.

What Are Website Builders?
Website builders are software or online tools that work on the simple drag-and-drop functionality to create websites in a matter of minutes. They have in-built tools like themes, app markets, and templates that can be used even by dummies to create beautiful websites.

Should building church and ministry websites take 40 days and 40 nights? Not really! There are church or ministry website builders that don’t want you to shell-out an endless amount of money or require tons of time to get your church website up and running with a hosting service.

Why Build A Website for Your Church or Ministry?
80% of new visitors look at the church’s website before they even step a foot inside the church, and the first impression always counts. The same applies to a ministry. Before anyone becomes involved in a ministry they will first want to visit a ministry's website to see what the ministry is all about, what its goals are and who are the people behind the ministry.

Having said that, there’re plenty more reasons to build a website for your church or ministry. The best website builders help you leverage the strength of websites to:
     Connect with the community and the congregation
     Appeal to younger members of the church
     Making information readily and easily available
     Organizing special events like vigils, sermons, charity, etc.
     Engage the current and active members
     Host online masses and novenas for members
     Growing your church’s or ministry's following

Why Should You Use A Website Builder for Your Church or Ministry Website?
There are two ways to build a website, either the do-it-yourself (DIY) method that requires a tremendous amount of time, coding skills, and money or hiring a firm that designs your website which will burn a hole in your pocket too.

There’s another exciting and easy way to build a website! Don’t have a pile-load of money or the time to create your church or ministry website? We don’t want you to commit all your waking hours to build a website. Let the website builders do it for you while you take charge with:
     Free website builders that help you get an economical website
     Free web hosting available in most website builders
     Fast and cheap solutions that need no tech skills

There are church-specific and ministry-specific website builders with pre-designed templates.

So, what are the best website builders for a church? We’ve got a few handpicked for you that provide web hosting too. Without further ado, presenting the best website builders for a church or ministry.

Top 5 Best Website Builders for Your Church or Ministry Website

•    1. Wix
Wix has church-specific templates that can be found under the religion and non-profit section of their theme library. 18 mobile-friendly church templates can be customized further and adapt according to the screen size. The templates are well-designed and modern to give you a catalogue of bookings page, membership areas, and team management, and a phenomenal back-up site feature to restore the design in case you mess up entirely. The fantastic app market lets you install bundles of free extensions like an app for accepting donations, contact form, newsletter, or calendar.

You can create a page for sermon streaming and download them by an add-on feature called Wix Music. The combo plan from Wix is the cheapest premium plan for $13/ month billed as a one-time payment for 1 year.
Advantages of Wix
     Easiest free website builder with a sense of freedom
     The drag-and-drop feature provides high-customization
     Dedicated church templates to choose from
     Quick website creation through ADI technology
•    2. Sharefaith
It’s rare to find a platform that is dedicated to spreading the word of God just as much as you are. The gods of IT have answered with Sharefaith, a cutting-edge website builder that has helped to create more n 8000 ministry websites. Good-looking church specific templates will sweep you off your feet with preloaded pages like contact, about, giving/offering, calendars, etc. The templates come with easy to edit sample text and images that are pre-formatted for a professional look.

The product availability for streaming sermons live, vacation bible school, Sunday school lessons, and worship software make it a winner. Sharefaith also provides an integrated giving/offering platform that can be downloaded on the phone.
Advantages of Sharefaith
     Offers a variety of services post website creation
     A wide range of templates packed with tailored features
     HD video offers high-quality streaming
     Easy to use and highly customizable themes
•    3. Weebly
If you aren’t very tech-savvy and want a highly functional website, Weebly provides quick and excellent results. You get complete freedom in designing your templates with Weebly by tweaking the essentials.
Even if you mess up the structure, you can always hit the reset button. There are features for membership areas, team management, adding events and calendars that come at an unbelievably cheap price.

Site boosters, remotely-hosted audiobooks, built-in live chats, customizable forms, polls, and surveys and other third-party apps create an amazing website. Not having a church-specific template may seem worrisome but it’s not that difficult to take a regular template and customize it according to your church.
Advantages of Weebly
     The easiest website builder to use in this list
     High design flexibility with drag-and-drop content blocks
     Budget-friendly starter prices
     Best features to scale a church website
•    4. Nucleus
Nucleus was designed keeping the absolute beginners in mind that have no prior website designing experience. The website homepage is clean as a whistle, modern, and is thoroughly tested by the development team to encourage visitors to take action.

Your congregation has the access to view and download all your sermons, download the integrated online giving form, and increase visitor engagement. This website builder is specifically designed for churches.
It creates an all-in-one hub for your church that is engineered to include a robust form manager, section blocks for contacts, blogs, calendars, and donations. Nucleus also provides a section to add a prayer request page and a sermon page where viewers can listen to the latest recordings.
Advantages of Nucleus
     A super-easy interface designed for the commoners
     Gathers all the communication is one place
     Extremely simple and flexible builder with zero tech expertise to get started
     24/7 Encouraging help and support
•    5. Ministry Designs
Backed up by an experienced team with a background in church ministry, Ministry Designs know all the tricks of the trade. Even though the features are pretty standard, the tailored service is geared towards your specific needs. Tools for blogging, podcasts, video backgrounds, and audio scores make it a lively website designer that creates very appealing websites. The templates may not be cutting-edge in terms of design but have a stunning appearance.

Everything is well laid-out and there’s not much editing required as everything is already tailored. However, platforms for secure online giving, long-term sermons streaming, storage facility allows you to retain and engage your congregation.
Advantages of Ministry Designs
     Experienced and high-quality web hosting service
     Extremely user-friendly
     Built-in helpful features augment you to have a perfect start
     Tailored designs and features made specifically for churches reduce time and effort

Which Website Builder Brand Does One Choose?

Some may have an extensive range of free add-on apps like Wix or a super-easy building process like Weebly. We recommend you to choose a website builder that does it all for you in a cost-effective way.

You may choose Wix which is a general website builder with church templates or a church-specific website builder like Nucleus, or Ministry Designs who bask on an everlasting list of references.

Well, we’ve laid out the best website builders for churches that we have analyzed rigorously. It’s time for you to put down a budget, features, and a time-frame for designing a website for your church.

Guest Author: Lesley Haught
Author's Website: WebBuildersGuide.com
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