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Currently the South American Division (SAD) does not have a program implemented to provide websites for churches, ministries and institutions within the territory of the SAD.


Low-cost "netAdventist" Websites Provided by netAserve

For an annual fee, individual Adventist churches, ministries and institutions within the territory of SAD can purchase hosting and support for a "netAdventist" website from netAserve, the official training and support agency for the netAdventist website system. The "netAdventist" Content Management System (CMS) websites are easy to construct and maintain, and come with all the shared features that are a hallmark of the netAdventist product. This includes the ability to construct websites in dozens of languages and non-Roman character sets. The awsome netAdventist website product was originally developed by TAGnet and has been adopted by the General Conference for worldwide use by the Adventist Church. The netAdventist websites purchased from netAserve are hosted on their "netAdvent.org" server, a state-of-the-art cloud hosting technology network.

To visit the netAserve website, Click Here...


Click on the links below for details on purchasing hosting & support for a netAdventist website from netAserve:

netAdventist website hosting & support annual cost

netAdventist website hosting & support online sign-up


Low-cost "netAdventist" Websites for Private Supporting Ministries & Institutions

Independent supporting ministries and non-profit institutions owned by Adventist church members in good standing can also purchase "netAdventist" Content Management System websites from netAserve. Please click on the links above for netAdventist website hosting & support details.



The official website for the South American Division: http://www.PortalAdventista.org

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